Andrej Markovčič Candidate Questionnaire


Nominated For: At-Large Organizer

What is your organizing experience? What is your plan for growing power in 2019 should you be elected to your position?

Since the summer of 2016 I have had the opportunity to contribute on both the local, regional, and national level of DSA. Prior to the chapter’s founding I was a member of the Seattle DSA Organizing Committee. I then served as chair in the first year after receiving our chapter charter. I was also proud to represent our chapter at the 2017 national convention. Last summer I began serving as the Pacific Northwest Regional Organizer for the national DSA Medicare for All campaign. In this role I have been able to build relationships and help DSA chapters around the PNW get their own campaigns off the ground. On the national level, I have been on the editorial team of DSA’s Political Education newsletter “The Stacks” since January of 2018. This has been a great example of my belief that socialist political education should not be hidden behind the jargon of the academy.

I look forward to strengthening the connections I have built other chapters and putting them to use in joint work over the coming year. I also want to help the chapter do a better job of coordinating the work we do within the chapter. At a local, regional, and national level I don’t think we’ve fully utilized the capacity of membership and I would work to improve process for recruitment, engagement, and turnout. Core to this will be quickly engaging new members in meaningful political work.

Why are you running? What do you want to accomplish, create, or change should you be elected?

You can see the full list of commitments I’ve made as part of Solidarity 2019 at My two priorities are building a stronger class-conscious orientation in our city and strengthening the internal operations of our chapter. I want chapter activity to be more predictable and reliable for our membership. It shouldn’t matter if you’re able to attend every meeting or only a few events a year, every member should have a solid understanding of our chapter’s purpose and direction. We should be making it easier for members to participate in work beyond committee meetings.

I would also like to see more emphasis on open and friendly discussion of political principles and tactics. Political education doesn’t come from seminar rooms alone. It comes from engaging in political work, actively reflecting on what furthers our cause, and arguing for our positions in good faith with fellow members. That back and forth, when done openly and honestly, produces more political maturity than any one of us can hope for on our own. By exploring the rationale for our politics we can discover which parts are foundational principles and which are malleable tactics, to be adjusted as needed.

The political left is stronger today than it has been in half a century. Seattle DSA is roughly 1,000 members of a 50,000 member socialist organization. The fight against capitalism is the hardest we will ever undertake in our lives. But if we rise to the historical moment in front of us, we have a chance to change the world.