Chris Natale Candidate Questionnaire


Nominated For: Internal Organizer

What is your organizing experience? What is your plan for growing power in 2019 should you be elected to your position?

My first organizing experience was founding and acting as a regular facilitator for a Get Money Out of Politics affinity group during the Occupy Wall Street protests. My politics have developed a lot since then, but I’m still look fondly back to the first real protest I helped to plan during this time. President Obama was traveling to Bellevue for a $10,000 per plate dinner, where wealthy donors could buy access. I reserved space at a nearby park, and helped to plan a free picnic that we invited the President to attend instead. We then held a march from the park to the location of the dinner, where we then protested outside the President’s location.

Since joining Seattle DSA in January 2017, I’ve run the Jacobin Reading Group with fellow slate member Hannah Atkinson. This once a month reading group is free and open to both members and non-members. Each month we read several articles from the magazine, and hold a far-ranging conversation about the implications of the subject on ourselves and society. We foster a sense of shared community, and provide a space for members to radicalize their understanding of the world.

My duties involve picking out monthly readings, scheduling library time, and facilitating discussions. I enjoy discussion facilitation the most out of these duties. Helping others articulate feelings they’ve lived with regarding how their needs aren’t currently met by our society, and a vision of what a better world would look like, is a beautiful thing to me.

At my day job as a programmer, I run a monthly parents’ luncheon with a goal of giving parents space to articulate how their needs could better be met by our employer. In the few months since I’ve began organizing, we’re already coming up with plans to request on-site daycare to coincide with an office expansion next year.

Why are you running? What do you want to accomplish, create, or change should you be elected?

What I have to offer is experience coordinating and automating bureaucratic machinery, a willingness to listen to other perspectives, and a commitment to the cause of creating a hegemonic socialist society for all. I don’t have the political savvy and vision of Shaun Scott, the charisma and attention to details of Andrej, or the wisdom and deep knowledge of the organization of Sue Hildreth. What tools that I do have, I think can best be put to use in this elected position.

I’ve asked many current and former LC members their opinions on where their time is/was wasted, and could be better spent. Based on these conversations, I’m prioritizing the following actions if elected (listed by order of importance):

  • Organize a group of people to coordinate between the various sub-groups, to allow us as an 800+ member organization to act towards our group goals, as democratically decided through Resolutions.
  • Using chapter funds to bring in a professional conflict resolution expert of last resort, for when internal efforts fail.
  • Automate everything that it makes sense to automate. We’re all contributing labor and resources to the organization on top of our already busy and constrained lives. We should get rid of as much drudgery possible so that we can participate in a joyous, liberating version of socialism. Fully automated luxury communism for all!
  • Use chapter funds to ensure their is paid, professional child care at our monthly meetings. This is particularly important to me because I’m the father of a three year-old. I know how hard it can be for parents to participate in an activist organization.

Additional Statements

Finally, I’m running as part of the Solidarity 2019 slate. You can read our complete platform at