Lucas Carpenter Candidate Questionnaire


Nominated For: Secretary

What is your organizing experience? What is your plan for growing power in 2019 should you be elected to your position?

Drove canvassing turnout for Sarah Smith in Fall 2018. I’ve been organizing in my industry since March 2018. For this position specifically I have been both the chair and notetaker for meetings with 15-25 people run on Rusty’s Rules of Order so I am practiced in the parliamentary procedure that the chapter uses. Growing power will require teaching the rank and file how to be good organizers in their own right by giving them opportunities to learn and practice at things like the Workplace Organizing Collective.

Why are you running? What do you want to accomplish, create, or change should you be elected?

I’m running for secretary because detailed notes are critical to keeping continuity both from meeting to meeting and for folks just joining to catch up. If elected I would use my voice and vote on the council to help the chapter achieve a significant win in the 2019 electoral arena either via the election of Seattle DSA endorsed candidate(s) or advancing our issues in that arena.