Mel Amaral Candidate Questionnaire


Nominated For: External Organizer

What is your organizing experience? What is your plan for growing power in 2019 should you be elected to your position?

Like many of us in DSA, I had my first experience with organizing as a local delegate for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential primary.

After joining SDSA, I became heavily involved in Medicare for All campaign, setting up canvasses and training canvassers both in Seattle and on the Eastside, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve gotten to watch firsthand as as my fellow members honed their organizing skills—becoming more confident speakers, more engaged listeners, and developing their understanding of what it takes to build a mass movement.

Being involved in the Bernie campaign and Medicare for All revealed to me the potential for DSA to incubate a broad, diverse, working-class socialist movement that can, with the hard work of dedicated organizers, challenge the material basis for the dominance of capitalism over our lives to create a more just, equitable world.

As an external organizer, I would like to take that knowledge out into the world, continuing to engage with the public on issues such as Medicare for All and the upcoming Bernie Sanders primary campaign, and build a movement strong enough to make our shared ambitions a reality.

Why are you running? What do you want to accomplish, create, or change should you be elected?

The moment has never been more urgent, with unchecked capital poisoning and suffocating our planet and generating human misery on an incomprehensible scale. I believe that socialism is our only hope, not just for a dignified life, but for survival, and I committed to fighting for it.

As a working mother, I also understand how challenging it can be to devote time to political organizing, which is why I will do everything in my power to ensure that SDSA lowers existing barriers to participation and activates incoming membership. If we are going to build a mass movement representative of the working class, we need to provide services like certified childcare at meetings and a rideshare network to facilitate attendance at our events, and to respect members’ time and maximize our organizing capacity by focusing on concrete objectives. It is my hope that these and other initiatives will help SDSA live up to its potential in 2019.

I am part of Solidarity 2019, and you can read our complete platform at