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The Hellhole – Week of 8/28

Your Hellhole for this week showcases all of capitalism’s oldest stories – empty promises from compromised politicians, capitalists exploiting workers, and landlords over-charging for housing that should be free for all by right. However, for every problem, there’s a solution, and we’ve got those too – organizing, building solidarity, and telling capital that halfway isn’t… Read more »

Beyond Elections

Illustration by SDSA organizer Brian Reindel. By SDSA organizer Chuck McKeever In a perfect illustration of how privilege functions in politics, Seattle is not going to get the mayor it deserves. Cary Moon–though clearly a better choice for the office than Jenny Durkan–nevertheless stepped over Nikkita Oliver into second place in the race in cringeworthy… Read more »

Introducing…The Hellhole

Fox News’ Kennedy called Seattle a “socialist hellhole” in a July 12 broadcast. We’ll take that as a compliment.   We know not all our fellow comrades are the kinds of local media and politics-obsessives some of us are. Your Seattle DSA Communications Committee intends to put together a weekly compendium of local stories and… Read more »

Seattle DSA Steering Committee Statement on Danny Fetonte

The Seattle Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee calls for Danny Fetonte to step down from his position on the DSA National Political Committee. An overwhelming number of our delegates and members, as well as comrades across the country, were rightfully disappointed and concerned when they learned that Fetonte had omitted his history of working… Read more »

‘We’re gonna have to eat the rich. I’ll start heating up the tortillas’: DSA Convention 2017 reflections

Featured image: Seattle DSA was able to send 16 delegates to the 2017 DSA National Convention. From August 3 – 6, 2017, the Democratic Socialists of America held their biennial national convention in Chicago. It was the organization’s largest-ever gathering of socialists from all 50 states. Delegates gathered to determine DSA’s priorities for the next two… Read more »

What Is It Good For?

Illustration by Seattle DSA organizer Lyall W. By Seattle DSA organizer John Smith War is never good. Even wars for survival, or against fundamental injustice, are tragedies borne out of the aggression or cruelty that preceded it. War is always a failure of one or more parties to understand others, wherein one another are treated… Read more »