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Dignity Shouldn’t Be A Luxury. Period.

art by our own Eva Giselle!   We’re excited to announce that Seattle DSA has partnered with local women’s shelter & resource center Mary’s Place to host a feminine hygiene product drive! We launch this month-long drive on International Women’s Day in solidarity with women in need. You may bring new, unopened items to any… Read more »

Tax the Rich, Not the Poor

UPDATE: On June 5, 2017, Seattle City Council passed an amended soda and sugary beverages tax, 7-1 (Lisa Herbold was the lone dissenter; Kshama Sawant was absent). Sodas will be taxed at 1.75 cents per ounce, as will beverages such as Powerade, Sunny D and Monster. Diet sodas, coffee beverages that contain milk, highly caloric… Read more »

YDSer a First Responder Amdist J20 Chaos at UW

Reporting by Tom Livingston For many people, hearing the word “protest” conjures lurid images: noise, confusion, running, police batons, hands crushed on pavement and chain-link fences. We’re trained in the United States to think of the police as the protester’s natural adversary. Actions in the past have revolved around protester’s reactions to enforcement personnel and… Read more »

SeaTac International Swarms With Dissent

The following is a report from Seattle DSA organizer Doug Woos on the direct action taken at SeaTac International Airport on Jan. 28. As a former New Yorker, the idea of going to John F. Kennedy International Airport without needing to catch a plane is totally bizarre. However, that’s exactly what thousands of people did… Read more »

Martin Luther King Jr. March brings Seattle together in solidarity

Each year the Martin Luther King Celebration Committee of Seattle organizes a rally and march “composed of dozens of grassroots, labor, business, minority, and progressive community organizations and volunteers from throughout the Puget Sound region.” Seattle Democratic Socialists of America proudly joined our siblings of all races, creeds, immigration status, and genders to help deliver… Read more »