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The Hellhole – week of 6/4

We live in a society of lonely individuals, constantly alienated, threatened, deprived, and always watched by an overbearing police state – but, hey, capitalism gave us iPhones so whatevs right? This week we have stories of one strike forestalled and one on deck, the paradox of being a sanctuary city with an ICE office and… Read more »

Hellhole – week of 5/28

We prayed to the invisible hand of the market, and, blessed be the hand, our rent increased. This week we have a Mayoral Plan that’s more of the same, proof that a stopped clock is right sometimes, a search for a Chief that proves why reform is weak tea, and we finally tackle Millennials –… Read more »

Hellhole – Week of 5/21

Capitalism: It’s the boot on your neck that charges by the hour! This week we have the an astroturf campaign to take money away from helping the homeless, a neighboring county that can’t wait to lick billionaire boots, a non-profit working against its workers, fascists marching through the streets, and we blaspheme against Reddit’s favorite… Read more »

Hellhole week of 5/14

For having a hegemony, capitalists sure like to complain something anything doesn’t go their way. This week we have a story that pulls together the many strands of reporting on housing in Seattle, a recap of the victory of the EHT, another large corporation that doesn’t want to be left out of the bad-take circus,… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/7

It’s all government this week as we show down with state universities exploiting their workers, the spreading rebellion against austerity, and the Mayor’s Big Idea. Whether its equal pay, healthcare, or affordable housing, the people have to fight to pry it back from the maw of the capitalist state. Welcome to the Hellhole… We’re gonna… Read more »

Hellhole Week of April 30

Capitalism is a system that keeps people down, solidarity is an action where we lift each other up. The week of May Day brought counter-revolution to Seattle. This week: Bezos runs amok with his company, homeowners, parts of the city council and a handful of builders; teachers fight back; landlords are still awful; and the… Read more »

Statement of Support with Sex Workers Fighting SESTA/FOSTA

  Last month the US congress overwhelmingly passed two bills: the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” (SESTA) and the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA). Both bills make websites retroactively liable for user-generated content that “facilitates or promotes” sex work. While the bipartisan proponents of SESTA & FOSTA claim that… Read more »

Hellhole Week of 4/23

When provoked, Capitalism has been known to lash out by getting its sycophants in the herd to write op-eds and corrupt the legislative process. This week we have an interactive walk through the delusional reality of wealthy Magnolia homeowners, more acts of labor defiance from educators, Sally Bagshaw standing up for billionaires against the filthy… Read more »

Why May Day Still Matters

  No rally or march will bring about a better world. By no means does that make them without merit. On the first of May, we will look out onto a world of comrades. International Workers’ Day is a day of commemoration, celebration, and above all, solidarity across all the barriers thrown up by capitalism.… Read more »

Hellhole – week of 4/16

Capitalism is a bludgeon, but hope is a titanium-infused rock with an Adamantium core. This week brings us stories of sweeps, backstabbing government agencies, widespread corporate greed, and regressive taxation. Enter the Hellhole: 4/20 for lyfe. Seattle Cops Not Even Bothering With Pretense Anymore Seattle residents experiencing homelessness were swept from Ravenna Woods on Tuesday,… Read more »