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Struggle in the Diamond

By John Smith The 2018 baseball season is underway following a strange offseason in which many quality veteran free-agent players lingered without contracts for months. In the end, top picks such as Jake Arrieta, Greg Holland and Mike Moustakas were signed for far less than they would have wanted, in a series of moves that… Read more »

Hellhole Week of 4/2

Like heavy metals in our streams and waterways, Capitalism permeates every facet of our modern existence – but the damage is reversible. This week, we stand against the new youth jail, take up the fight for public housing, talk planes, trains, unions, and automobiles, and take a break to gander at the corporate control of… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 3/26

It’s time to shake up this city – earthquakes not withstanding. This week, the struggle over Ft. Lawton continues, the landlords strike back, and it’s time to tax Amazon. Enter the Hellhole Hold the Fort You’ve heard it here before and you’ll hear it here again: Seattle needs affordable housing. Well, truly, Seattle needs public… Read more »

Report Back Dispatch: Re-Imagining Solidarity

Over nine hours this past Saturday, March 10, the “Re-imagining Solidarity” conference played out in a a lecture hall at the University of Washington. Hosted by the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, the event brought together a broad coalition of labor leaders, activists, politicians, authors, and organizers to speak such issues as the role… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 3/19

Spring has sprung (supposedly), and our discontent blooms as bright as the cherry blossoms. This week we have stories about demonstrations for workers’ rights, a brief reprieve in the war on renters, some thoroughly unsurprising healthcare news, and more – welcome to the Hellhole. Domestic Workers Are Workers In order to exploit workers outside of the… Read more »

Dispatch: Socialism and Empire

We don’t need to confront imperialism to improve the lives of many working-class U.S. citizens. A somewhat fairer distribution of wealth within the United States is compatible with our ongoing global domination. We can win rent control, a higher minimum wage, and Medicare for All at home without defeating U.S. empire abroad. Free higher education,… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 3/12

Capital – why did they make a fancy word for what should just be called money? (Are you curious about this, too? Join us to read Vol. I of Karl Marx’s Capital in April). This week we have stories about the fash and the class – welcome to the Hellhole. 2 Fash 2 Furious The… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 3/5

We live in a world where your boss’ boss will bottle your alienation and sell it back to you, but every so often something genuinely good slips through through the cracks. This week we have stories about a company that’s just as bad as you’d expect, but a bit more blatant, a ruling that could… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 2/26

Capitalism is an infection that seeks to atomize and destroy us piece by piece, thankfully, solidarity is the cure. This week we have stories about the predictable impact of the soda tax, the biggest corporate attack on unions in a generation, a wildcat strike in West Virginia, the Mayor’s housing agenda, and whiny landlords. Enter… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 2/19

This week, we’ve got more proof that capitalism needs to be overthrown. The mayor talks austerity, students win free ORCA cards, Trump’s Department of Labor comes for workers’ tips, and we notice that the city is always getting sued. Enter the Hellhole… State of the City Tuesday was Mayor Durkan’s first state of the city… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 2/12

Pictured: Workers install a $100,000 fence to keep our houseless neighbors from sleeping under the Ballard Bridge while a sign advertising the convenient luxury of Amazon Fresh towers overhead. (Credit: @BrittneyBush)   Is Seattle a city, or is it an experiment in municipal disaster capitalism? This week we let you decide with stories about fascists… Read more »