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Beyond Elections

Illustration by SDSA organizer Brian Reindel. By SDSA organizer Chuck McKeever In a perfect illustration of how privilege functions in politics, Seattle is not going to get the mayor it deserves. Cary Moon–though clearly a better choice for the office than Jenny Durkan–nevertheless stepped over Nikkita Oliver into second place in the race in cringeworthy… Read more »

Candidate Survey Results: Questions 10 & 11; Seattle Police Oversight & Proposed N. Seattle Precinct

These are the responses to questions 10 and 11 of our candidate survey. Question 10: In 2011, the the Department of Justice found that the Seattle Police Department engaged in patterns of excessive force, violating both the Constitution and federal law . How will you address SPD’s ongoing pattern of violence, particularly in communities of color?… Read more »

Seattle DSA Endorses Nikkita Oliver for Mayor

In an April 22 column, Seattle Times’ Danny Westneat mused on qualifications of mayoral candidates, specifically criticizing Mayor Ed Murray’s most prominent challenger at the time, Nikkita Oliver. Westneat suggested that a gap-filled voting record (or, as he put it, her lack of “[participation] in the bedrock democratic process of voting”) was indicative of her… Read more »

Candidate Survey Results: Questions 4 & 5; Seattle Income Tax & a New Youth Jail

These are the responses to questions 4 and 5 of our candidate survey. Question 4: In response to Trump’s threats to cut federal funding for cities that oppose his policies, Seattle activists, led by the Transit Riders Union, are advocating for wealth taxation to “Trump-proof” the Seattle budget. Do you support this effort? Will you… Read more »