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The Hellhole – week of 2/12

Pictured: Workers install a $100,000 fence to keep our houseless neighbors from sleeping under the Ballard Bridge while a sign advertising the convenient luxury of Amazon Fresh towers overhead. (Credit: @BrittneyBush)   Is Seattle a city, or is it an experiment in municipal disaster capitalism? This week we let you decide with stories about fascists… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 11/6

About the header photo: Fox News’ Kennedy called Seattle a “socialist hellhole” in a July 12 broadcast. We wish! This hasn’t been the easiest week for your comrades in the Hellhole. We came up short in our efforts during a 9-month campaign, funded 90 percent of the way via Democracy Vouchers, to elect Seattle DSA… Read more »

Seattle is the Canary in the Coal Mine

Featured image by Seattle DSA design team’s Jennifer Cheng By Seattle DSA organizer and Jon Grant for City Council Position 8 Field Organizer Shaun Scott Between The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, Karl Marx’s most popular writings were scribed in London. A political refugee from contiguous Europe, the socialist scribe found a silver lining on… Read more »

Candidate Survey Results: Questions 10 & 11; Seattle Police Oversight & Proposed N. Seattle Precinct

These are the responses to questions 10 and 11 of our candidate survey. Question 10: In 2011, the the Department of Justice found that the Seattle Police Department engaged in patterns of excessive force, violating both the Constitution and federal law . How will you address SPD’s ongoing pattern of violence, particularly in communities of color?… Read more »

Candidate Survey Results: Questions 4 & 5; Seattle Income Tax & a New Youth Jail

These are the responses to questions 4 and 5 of our candidate survey. Question 4: In response to Trump’s threats to cut federal funding for cities that oppose his policies, Seattle activists, led by the Transit Riders Union, are advocating for wealth taxation to “Trump-proof” the Seattle budget. Do you support this effort? Will you… Read more »