Hellhole Week of 7/16

Lonely, isolated, divided, and powerless – that’s how the capitalist class wants to keep us, realizing that our strength comes from being united in a community working toward mutual goals is the first step. We like to think of our little Hellhole as a community and this week we have an analysis of ICE and… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/25

It’s been an oppressive week, but thankfully there are lots of opportunities to fight back. This week we have stories of the scab SCOTUS, Microsoft workers taking action, an analysis of the Berniecrat, cops and landlords, plus local occupations and the movement to abolish ICE. There’s a lot to unpack in this week’s Hellhole. Janus: When… Read more »

Seattle DSA Members and Microsoft Workers Tell Company “Drop ICE”

  Less than two weeks after Microsoft employees posted an internal letter to their executives demanding that the company stop working with ICE and other agencies that violate human rights, workers, joined by Seattle Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) members, demonstrated outside of Microsoft headquarters and hung banners over the highway that read, “MICROSOFT WORKERS… Read more »

Hellhole – week of 6/18

Capitalism and fascism are two sides of the same system of oppression: one economic, one political, with the same end of enriching those at the top at our expense. And while that’s bad, is the Space Force any consolidation? This week we have stories of ICE, our Seattle political establishment’s “bravery,” an occupation, and Microsoft’s… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/11

Well, folks, it’s been a week of antis, and most of them bad. We’ve got anti-tax ordinances, anti-unhoused news pieces, anti-union activity – but on the bright side, we’ve also got a bit of anti-fascist action. It might not be pro-anything, but it’s still the Hellhole… Perhaps We Should No Longer Trust the Process As you’ve… Read more »

The Hellhole – week of 6/4

We live in a society of lonely individuals, constantly alienated, threatened, deprived, and always watched by an overbearing police state – but, hey, capitalism gave us iPhones so whatevs right? This week we have stories of one strike forestalled and one on deck, the paradox of being a sanctuary city with an ICE office and… Read more »

Hellhole – week of 5/28

We prayed to the invisible hand of the market, and, blessed be the hand, our rent increased. This week we have a Mayoral Plan that’s more of the same, proof that a stopped clock is right sometimes, a search for a Chief that proves why reform is weak tea, and we finally tackle Millennials –… Read more »

Hellhole – Week of 5/21

Capitalism: It’s the boot on your neck that charges by the hour! This week we have the an astroturf campaign to take money away from helping the homeless, a neighboring county that can’t wait to lick billionaire boots, a non-profit working against its workers, fascists marching through the streets, and we blaspheme against Reddit’s favorite… Read more »

Hellhole week of 5/14

For having a hegemony, capitalists sure like to complain something anything doesn’t go their way. This week we have a story that pulls together the many strands of reporting on housing in Seattle, a recap of the victory of the EHT, another large corporation that doesn’t want to be left out of the bad-take circus,… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/7

It’s all government this week as we show down with state universities exploiting their workers, the spreading rebellion against austerity, and the Mayor’s Big Idea. Whether its equal pay, healthcare, or affordable housing, the people have to fight to pry it back from the maw of the capitalist state. Welcome to the Hellhole… We’re gonna… Read more »

Hellhole Week of April 30

Capitalism is a system that keeps people down, solidarity is an action where we lift each other up. The week of May Day brought counter-revolution to Seattle. This week: Bezos runs amok with his company, homeowners, parts of the city council and a handful of builders; teachers fight back; landlords are still awful; and the… Read more »