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“Most left podcasts only interpret the world, in various ways.
The point is to change it!”

Produced and funded by Seattle DSA, SOCIALIST SOUND is hosted by Ty Moore, our Chapter’s Communications Organizer. We dig into the strategic challenges facing frontline labor organizers, community activists, and socialists across the Puget Sound region. We investigate both our successes and failures within the most important class battles in our region in order to politically strengthen ongoing struggles. Our aim is to help weave together today’s fights into the wider movement to replace capitalism with a democratic socialist society. Subscribe and listen to SOCIALIST SOUND wherever you get your podcasts, or listen here.

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To sustain and strengthen SOCIALIST SOUND, and to expand our frequency and reach, we need your support. The monthly dues and donations of Seattle DSA members provided start-up funds to pay the part-time wages of our Communications Organizer, but we won’t be able to keep this show going without growing our base of monthly sustainers. Please sign up now for a donation of $10, $25, or $50 a month to help build a strong socialist media in Seattle. 

We Can’t Win Without a Strong Socialist Media

The Seattle media market is full of both corporate-backed and liberal outlets, but there is a vacuum of any serious socialist media project. This is despite a clear popular hunger for a fighting left-wing voice in struggles for racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice, as evidenced by consistently large votes for serious socialist candidates – from Bernie Sanders to Kshama Sawant. As the largest socialist organization in the country and across the Puget Sound region, DSA recognizes our responsibility to begin constructing a socialist media to both strengthen our organizing efforts and to popularize socialist ideas more broadly. After all, unless we create the capacity to challenge the capitalist media lies, to raise working-class consciousness, and to popularize the potential for a socialist transformation of society, working people will never take power. SOCIALIST SOUND represents a start to building the kind of local socialist media we need to win.

Meet Your Host, Ty Moore

After more than 25 years as an organizer, leading numerous successful labor, community, and political campaigns, Ty Moore brings the perspective of an experienced class fighter to the topics he covers on SOCIALIST SOUND. 

At the core of Ty’s work on SOCIALIST SOUND is his belief that working people’s most powerful weapon in our struggles with organized capital is our capacity to understand the world as it really is – a clarity that has eluded every ruling class in history because they are compelled to shroud their exploitation of the majority in a fog of lies, self-deception, and ideological confusion. In contrast, the working class has a unique material interest in clearing this ideological fog, in gaining a precise understanding of capitalist society, as a precondition to building the power needed to challenge our exploitation and win a socialist transformation of society.

Ty lives in Tacoma with his wife Whitney and daughter Havana, where he is also active in Tacoma Pierce County DSA. He is the volunteer Campaign Manager for Tacoma for All, a DSA-initiated and labor-backed ballot initiative campaign to bring Tacoma to the highest standard of tenant rights in Washington State. Contact him at [email protected]