Green New Deal and Ecosocialism

The Ecosocialism Caucus pursues internal education and creative thinking to promote the welfare of all people and all life, through achieving democratic control over the institutions that impact the environment. We explore theory, build our understanding of climate change and historical inequities, and share understanding of how a commonly-owned economic structure can create a more sustainable model for meeting people’s needs.

The Green New Deal Committee plans and pursues external campaigns that advance the democratic control over economic institutions that impact the environment. Specifically, we seek to build a socialist movement on sustainable principles and win a just Green New Deal, locally and nationally, in order to reverse climate change, address historical and present inequities, and mitigate the effects of catastrophic climate change and other extractive practices. In the near term, we are focused on Free Transit for King County, progressive taxation to fund Got Green / 350 Seattle’s local Green New Deal effort, and a ballot initiative for an East King County Public Utility District to take ownership of PSE’s electrical grid.

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