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Coronavirus, Corporate power, and Capitalism Next District 6 meeting


March 8
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Ballard Coffee Works
2060 NW Market St
Seattle, WA 98107

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Tens of thousands have been infected, thousands have died, millions have been forced into quarantines, and millions more are threatened with the illness. This pandemic will disproportionately impact working people, women and people of color as supply chains unravel, the economy slows down, stock markets falls and workers are furloughed and laid off. Is this disaster a natural occurrence or is it human made? Is capitalism to blame? How? How would socialism and a democratically planned economy be different? What can DSA and our campaigns for Bernie and Medicare for All do?

Weā€™ll also review the Super Tuesday results, Bernieā€™s prospects, and what we can do to help Sanders win. Join us at the next District 6 meeting for this important discussion!