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Seattle DSA Healthcare Working Group


Join Seattle DSA Healthcare Working Group and stand with us in our fight for health justice! In our weekly meetings we’ll be discussing our current projects, including our organizing around ... Read more

InfoSec Training

Online WA

Join us for a discussion on Information Security (InfoSec) and how we can use it to keep ourselves and our comrades safer. If you've ever wondered what the terms "end-to-end ... Read more

Census Phone Banking

On Zoom WA

The events of 2020 brought large numbers of people into movements demanding a more just and equitable world. Seattle DSA’s membership alone has bloomed from around 1,200 members in early ... Read more

District 2: Social & Soccer


Join us hanging out and playing soccer at the Brighton Playfield, https://goo.gl/maps/c74cytjrRB1vpT7h7 , north of/next to Aki Kurose Middle School