Seattle DSA Stands With Kshama

“They think the left is going to fall asleep now that Biden has been elected President – the perfect opportunity to get rid of Kshama Sawant.”

“That is why the Seattle DSA electoral committee will start the new year with an active campaign in CM Sawant’s district, to talk to our neighbors about the true nature of this recall campaign, and the economic and political forces behind it.”

If you’re wondering about how to get involved with Seattle DSA’s campaign in support of Kshama Solidarity, you’ve come to the right place!

Quick list of ways to support Kshama Solidarity


We recently had our first first tabling event for the Kshama solidarity campaign at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market! Stay tuned for more tabling events in District 3.

The Washington State supreme court has officially given the green light to the billionaire-backed, right-wing recall campaign against Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s socialist city councilmember. We need to go all out to defend Kshama and our movement!

In order for Seattle DSA to mount a successful campaign in support of Kshama, we need to reach working class voters, and most working class voters live in apartments that are unreachable by traditional campaigns. We need members living in apartments to help reach voters in their building – we’re calling these members “Apartment Captains”.

Whether your comfort level is talking to your neighbors about the recall, talking to your whole building, or just dropping campaign literature, we need your help!

Sign up to be an apartment captain, and play a key role in defeating the right wing, anti-socialist recall!


At the moment, we are running bi-monthly phonebanks in support of CM Sawant. We are generally phonebanking people who are already Kshama supporters, and attempting to raise awareness about the recall attempt.

These phonebanks are a great, low-barrier way to get involved in the campaign and support Kshama. Look for the next scheduled phonebank here!


We are monitoring the covid safety situation in Seattle, and will consider official DSA canvasses in support of Kshama Solidarity when we determine that we can execute them safely.

Previous Actions

This event was livestreamed on July 18 and can be seen on the Seattle DSA Facebook page