Labor Committee

Minimalist icon in red and black lines of two picket line signs.

What We Do

Our Mission is to serve as a resource to help SDSA members become better organizers within their workplaces and/or their unions. Socialists winning electoral positions is necessary for the movement but the vital building block of the movement is and will always be organizing the working class. Although our workplaces may be unique, our social relation to capital as workers is not.

  1. Developing organizers in non-union workplaces.
  2. Strengthening union members’ skills in making their unions more democratic, with a robust rank & file that’s less dependent on top down business union leadership.
  3. Solidifying Social Movement and Environmental Justice work with Labor Movement work by utilizing Seattle DSA’s infrastructure resources to mobilize community as the connective tissue.

How to Get Involved

Regular Meetings

Register for our next meeting on the Seattle DSA Events Calendar at under the Labor category.

On Slack

You can find us on the SDSA Chapter Slack instance at #labor_eo