OpenSlides Cheat Sheet

Quick Cheat Sheet

  • Check your inbox, look for latest email titled “Your DSA Voting Tool Credentials
  • Log into OpenSlides at with your credentials.
  • Mark yourself present so we can hit quorum, and you can vote in the meeting.
  • Participate in the meeting using the guide below. 

Basic Meeting Functions


NTC and Staff recommend most if not all users log in and just hang out in the “AutoPilot” tab.

This is a one-stop shop for the current agenda item’s stack, any motions and votes that come up, and a view of the current projector.


Voting will be kicked off from motions or Agenda items and will provide a red bar at the top of the page when votes are cast.

Votes may be structured any way, but defaults to Yes/No/Abstain for majority of questions cast. Admins by default are not permitted to vote in elections and this is scoped solely to the meeting body (unless an admin is a member of the meeting body in the software). Admins also may not change any votes as these are permanent.

After casting a ballot, a popup will appear reminding delegates votes are permanent and cannot be changed

NOTE: If you mess up your vote you will need to get on stack and motivate to re-run the vote.

Delegates will also need to mark themselves as “Present” upon logging in to the tool, to be able to vote in elections in OpenSlides. This may be done by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner and clicking Present. Admins may also mark users as present or not present


Any Motion may be amended by the meeting body directly in the tool:

  • Click the + Icon in the right hand corner
  • Select the line you wish to amend
  • Type up your amendment and reason for amending
  • Click “Create”

Before Amendments:

After Amendments:

Amendments are just like any other Agenda item but have quick links back to the main amendment, and feature their own Stack and ability to kick off votes.


As mentioned above, it is highly recommended delegates spend their time in the AutoPilot tab to reduce getting lost in the tool. When sections start, these will include a stack which may be opened or closed by the facilitator. For information on submitting a request for stack or motion, please consult our Robert’s Rules of Order cheatsheet.

To add yourself on the Stack, click the Add me button

If you have a point of order to raise, click the “Point of Order” button

You may see where you are on the stack and may see who is speaking. When it’s your turn, the facilitator will call on you.