Priority Campaigns 2022

At our annual convention, the chapter voted to select no more than three priority campaigns to focus on in the coming year. The hope is that by intentionally directing more of our chapter resources towards a few key campaigns, we will have a better chance of achieving meaningful victories to advance our socialist agenda.

Here are the Priority Campaigns which have been submitted for a vote at the May membership meeting

Submitted Friendly Amendments

AmendmentSubmitted ByRationaleRejected or Approved?
Housing Work for HON’s I-135 InitiativeTom Bchange in the money split, clearer emphasis on community DSA-led events
Labor Priority ResolutionPhilip L and Bryan WOur starting point is our total solidarity with the courageous workers who are moving into struggle against the Starbucks corporate bosses. But in the course of the campaign we should also work to popularize among these workers consistent class struggle politics, i.e. socialist politics. This amendment lays out some of the key aspects of a socialist message we should promote.
Stephanie Gallardo for Congress WA-09Ramy K, Aram F, Philip LWe should have clearer goals for how we will build DSA out of the Gallardo campaign in terms of new members, activation of existing DSA members especially in the district, and laying the basis for forming a South King County branch of SDSA
Housing Work for HoN’s I-35 InitiativeSean C, Philip L, Ian S, and Stu SThis amendment argues that our work for this initiative should be part of our class struggle electoral efforts. While fully supporting the HON ballot initiative, Seattle DSA should advance its own socialist message and not limit ourselves to the official message of HON. We want to build the skill sets amongst our members to use elections and votes on ballot initiatives to promote democratic socialist ideas and support for mass struggles of working and oppressed people. The amendment proposes we should have specific goals for systematically activating DSA members to help the campaign and to recruit new people to DSA.
Accepted some pieces, rejected others

Key Dates/Times:

  • April 17th, 11:59PM – Priority Campaign and Resolution Submissions Due
  • April 19th, Priority Campaign Proposals sent to membership, per two-week warning
  • April 28th, 11:59PM Priority Campaign Amendments due
  • May 10th, 3rd, 7:00PM – Debate and Discuss Priority Campaigns, OpaVote ballots go out end of meeting
  • May 13th, 11:59PM – OpaVote closes
  • May 15th – Results announced

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