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Transit Riders Union Income Tax Gains New Major Supporter: Mayor Ed Murray


Mayor Ed Murray speaks to the crowd at a debate for mayoral and city council position 8 candidates hosted by the 46th District Democrats Thursday, April 20 in Lake City.

Support for a Seattle income tax reached a peak Thursday night when Mayor Murray said he would support an income tax on “high-end” households.

Murray acknowledged Washington’s broken tax system — which is the most regressive in the country — and promised to send a proposal for a “high-end income tax‚ÄĚ to the council during a debate organized by the 46th District Democrats in Lake City. He did not offer many details otherwise.

From left to right: Mayoral candidates Mike McGinn, Nikkita Oliver, Jason Roberts, Alex Tsimerman, Cary Moon, Ed Murray and Mary Martin. Only Cary Moon said she would not support an income tax.

Nevertheless, his statement was a victory for the Transit Riders Union, which has launched an aggressive push for a Seattle income tax on high-income households over the past few months under the “Trump-Proof Seattle” campaign. The group, supported by dozens of other organizations including Seattle DSA, has so far hosted three well-attended town halls¬†in three districts, and has put immense pressure on councilmembers to come out in support of the tax. Rob Johnson of district 4, Mike O’Brien of district 6 and Bruce Harrell of district 2 attended meetings in their respective districts. All three have said they’d support a tax.

Read more about the Trump Proof Seattle campaign here

Candidates for city council position 8 took the stage after the mayoral candidates. You can find highlights of their responses to the lightning round of questions below:

From left to right: Jon Grant, Ryan Asbert, Sheley Secrest, Charlene Strong, Mac McGregor, Sara Nelson, Hisam Goueli and Teresa Mosqueda.


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