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Seattle DSA Condemns Antisemitism


The members of Seattle DSA are horrified and enraged by Saturday’s terrorist attack on the Jewish community of Pittsburgh during Shabbat morning services and we mourn the loss of eleven lives at the Tree of Life synagogue.

Seattle DSA condemns all forms of antisemitism and racism and we stand in solidarity with the Jewish community of Seattle during this frightening time.

Far-right groups are responsible for creating a political climate that enables anti-semitic terrorism, but conservative elites are also deeply implicated in fomenting violence. Namely, the president and his ultra-rich allies have tacitly supported white nationalism and explicitly relied on xenophobia to garner support for their attacks on all working-class people. They have done it when they use anti-semitic dog whistles scapegoating “globalists.” They have done it when they call impoverished asylum seekers gang members. It is no coincidence that Saturday’s terrorist murdered Jews due to his opposition to Jewish relief organization HIAS’s role in resettling refugees, labeling Central American migrants fleeing violence fomented by the United States’ own imperialistic policies as “invaders.”

The working people of Seattle and King County must unite to defeat those who seek to terrorize and divide us along lines of faith, race, gender, sexuality, and citizenship status. The fight against antisemitism is an integral part of working-class struggle against white supremacy and religious hatred as we organize for nothing less than the liberation of all humanity.

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