Starbucks Solidarity Tabling Report – Ballard Farmers’ Market 4/24/2022

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SDSA comrades continue to show up for Starbucks Solidarity tabling at the Ballard Farmers’ Market!

SDSA comrades continue to show up for Starbucks Solidarity tabling at the Ballard Farmers’ Market! This past week marks at least 7 times the D6 solidarity crew has been out near the mushroom sculptures near the corner of NW Market St. and 22nd Ave NW. We were out talking to the public about Starbucks employees organizing for democratic control of their workplaces and their recent union victories, Starbucks’ vicious union busting campaign and SDSA’s solidarity with Starbucks workers and the broader labor movement.

Today, we connected with four current Starbucks employees in various stages of organizing at their workplaces, from Tacoma to Shoreline. We heard stories of Starbucks’ management mistreatment of employees and egregious violations of safety and of the strong workers fighting back.

We also met many supportive members of the public, including several former Starbucks employees, family and friends of Starbucks workers, and many union members. Seattle is a union town! These conversations helped embolden community members’ interest in the labor movement, organizing in their own workplaces, and several walked away with newfound interest and knowledge of DSA as well. Through these conversations, we collected ~66 signatures for the solidarity pledge and raised ~$145 for the PNW Starbucks Workers Solidarity Fund.

Awareness of this movement seems to be growing as fast as shops are filing for elections! More and more folks are approaching our table unprompted, mentioning hearing about the campaign on social media or through other means. Seattle DSA member support has been strong as well – at previous tables, we’ve had as many as six SDSA members turn out to engage with the public. At the market, we’ve had hundreds of conversations with our community members, including additional Starbucks partners, union organizers, union members, and supportive members of the general public. Thus far, we’ve raised at least $300 at this table alone since fundraising began last month.

This location is an excellent place to engage with folks – morale is high with the fun atmosphere of the market, and people are generally really receptive to supporting the cause. This tabling is super easy – as with other locations, folks will often just walk right up to us to start a conversation. As posted in a D3 report: If you’ve never tabled before, or are nervous about talking to people on the street, this is a great campaign to shake off those fears. People are very friendly and receptive! No need to live in D6 – all are welcome! Come join us any Sunday after May 1!

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