Gas Mask Illustration

Welcome! Here you’ll find more information about the mask you’ve received from Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) as well as information about the organization.

Aquí encuentrara los detalles de la máscarilla que recibió de Seattle Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) así como información sobre nuestra organización.

Information on your mask

If you lost the insert that came with your mask with instructions for how to safely use it, click here.

Information about cloth masks, including how to safely use them and wash them (Center for Disease Control).

Here’s a really handy image with the “dos and don’ts” of mask usage (Harborview Medical Center).

Do you appreciate your mask so much that you’d like to help with our Mask Making Project and get masks into the hands of other workers?  If so, there’s many ways to help.  We need people to donate money / supplies, cut fabric, sew masks, and pick up / drop off materials.  There’s a field at the end of the form for any questions you have about this project.  Click here to get in touch with us about the Mask Making Project!

We have lots of people donating masks and while we try to make sure they are of good quality before distributing, there’s always a chance there may be an issue with a mask.  If you have any problem with your mask, please let us know via the link above (there’s a field at the bottom where you can write a message to us) and we’ll happily try to get you another one as soon as possible!

More about Seattle DSA

We believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. In our current system, employers make profit by paying employees as little as possible, cutting corners on safety standards, and generally pushing workers to work harder and faster.  We think that the people who make the profits should get to have a say in how those profits are split up!

Giving masks to workers whose employers don’t provide them with personal protective equipment is just one way we show solidarity with workers; we also help workers to organize for better pay and working conditions.  If you would like to speak to someone about what can be done about issues you are experiencing at work, fill out this form and someone will get in contact with you soon.  You can attend our weekly online Workplace Organizing groups — they take place Wednesdays at 7pm.  For more information, check out our events calendar.

Also, if you are interested in learning about organizing tenants in your building to go on a rent strike during this time when workers are suffering and many can’t afford rent, there’s a weekly Tenant Organizing meeting on Wednesdays at 5:30pm and this helpful resource on organizing a rent strike.

If you are interested in any of this but can’t make these times work, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get in touch soon!Seattle DSA has over 1,000 members and engages in many other activities, from getting free transit for all, to working for immigrant justice, to an initiative to tax Amazon to pay for social housing, and more.  If this sounds like something you’d support and you’d like to join us in the fight for a better world, click here!

Additional Links

Information on how wearing homemade masks can greatly reduce the spread of coronavirus (Center for Disease Control)

Information on the effectiveness of different materials in homemade masks — Most of the masks we distribute are made from 100% cotton fabric or non-woven polypropylene.