The Hellhole – Week of 7/8

Everett community & SnoCo DSA rally for supportive housing. This week, the Everett City Council held public hearing on whether or not to continue its moratorium on supportive housing. We reported on the godawful moratorium weeks ago and are proud to see that regular people, DSA or otherwise, showed up to support housing high schoolers… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/24

In this Issue: Labor struggles brew for Seattle baristas Everett declares class war on supportive housing in single-family neighborhoods UFCW Grocery Union needs you. To not cross a picket line. Radical labor at Wayfair turn up the fight for immigration and racial justice. We must stop ICE raids in Washington. Stable Homes Federal Way blocks… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/17

Time to Grab The Dictionary In the same week that ICE moved to reopen a prison used during the Indian Wars to hold Geronimo in 1894, the agency has stopped updating records about deaths in their custody. As pundits spent the last few days arguing the semantics of the term “concentration camp”, writers Maya Schenwar… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/10

King Fuji farmworkers strike! Workers at King Fuji have staged strikes for two days now. In an interview with KUNW Univision’s Maria Cortez, Edgar Franks spoke to the mistreatment and conditions of the workers and that “no one wants to strike but this was the only option left by the company.” Workers presented a list… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 6/3

Frye Art Museum Workers Form a Union Workers at the Frye Art Museum formed a union and demanded recognition from the museum’s Board of Trustees last Friday. Councilmember Kshama Sawant and District 4 candidate Shaun Scott (both Seattle DSA-endorsed) stood in solidarity with the museum’s workers and spoke in defense of organizing to preserve dignity… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/27

Cowlitz tribal member and high school runner finds a platform on the podium. Rosalie Fish, a Cowlitz tribe member and track athlete at Muckleshoot Tribal School, competed with red face paint of a handprint and the acronym MMIW on her leg, standing for Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women. The Seattle Metropolitan area has the highest rate of… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/20

The Tragedy of Fort Lawton Housing activists have fought to build something useful on Fort Lawton ever since that barren parking lot was returned to the commons in 2005 from the US Army. Fighting back just as hard, various nearby property-owners have spent the last decade and a half trying to prevent any public, social,… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/13

Seattle DSA endorses Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council, District 3 Councilmember Sawant has been a tireless advocate for workers and tenants during a period where the Council was under intense pressure to fold to corporate interests. She has never wavered in her support for the issues that matter most: from fighting for the $15… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 5/6

Seattle schools deserve workplace democracy It’s teacher appreciation week. You’d think teachers would be appreciated? Many teachers already pay out of pocket for supplies, play roles as pseudo-guidance counselors and librarians as paraeducators are cut. That’s whack. This week, the Social Equity Educators caucus of the Seattle Educators Association held walk-ins demanding better conditions for… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 4/29

Caregivers invisible no more as Washington funds long-term care. Washington State’s Long Term Care Trust Act is just a start, but it’s a worthy one. The fund is a modest, flat payroll tax which, absent capital gains or progressive income tax in our regressive state, will accrue up to $36,500 for workers for long-term care.… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 4/22

SEIU Nurses Rally for Breaks, Safe Scheduling; Sen. Walsh Needs a Rest Period After Self-Own Nurses work demanding jobs. So it’s only natural that they demand safe scheduling, fair breaks, and adequate rest. But there’s always some blowhard who disagrees right? State Senator Walsh (R – Walla Walla) derided nurses as people who play cards,… Read more »

The Hellhole – Week of 4/15

Dual bills protecting workers pass the state legislature Over 100,000 workers work in agriculture every year, producing enormous value in their communities and also $7 billion in revenue for captains of industry. Immigrants feed Washington. Since 2007, the H2-A program has grown over 1000% in Washington state and  immigrants’ rights organizations have worked hard this… Read more »