The Hellhole – week of 11/6

About the header photo: Fox News’ Kennedy called Seattle a “socialist hellhole” in a July 12 broadcast. We wish! This hasn’t been the easiest week for your comrades in the Hellhole. We came up short in our efforts during a 9-month campaign, funded 90 percent of the way via Democracy Vouchers, to elect Seattle DSA… Read more »

Seattle is the Canary in the Coal Mine

Featured image by Seattle DSA design team’s Jennifer Cheng By Seattle DSA organizer and Jon Grant for City Council Position 8 Field Organizer Shaun Scott Between The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, Karl Marx’s most popular writings were scribed in London. A political refugee from contiguous Europe, the socialist scribe found a silver lining on… Read more »

Socialism and Public Banking: The Story of the Bank of North Dakota and the Nonpartisan League

By Seattle DSA Organizer Justin Hutchinson Some Seattleites have been interested in public banking lately, and with good reason. There’s a growing mass of citizens who don’t want Seattle or Washington pumping money into Wall Street extraction industries, and since the Great Crash of 2008 is still fresh in people’s imaginations, there has been widespread… Read more »

Seattle sweeps away its vets: Getting to know the unhoused residents of Beacon Hill

Featured image by Jennifer Spriggs/Seattle DSA design team. By Chuck McKeever and David Editor’s note: Content warning for assault and mention of suicide. On Thursday evening, an orange notice was placed on the windshield of one of the lived-in RVs occupying the parking lot adjacent to the Beacon Hill Veterans Affairs office. The notice, written… Read more »